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Vincent - kids shoes for all different seasons

Vincent is a fun Swedish brand for kids. Many families love the trendy and very practical shoes with nice patterns, as well as playful and creative designs. The shoes are meant for kids to run around and have fun in and they are perfect for many different occasions. You will find shoes for all seasons, rain, sun, snow or slippery grounds. Your child’s feet will always be protected and they will love wearing these shoes as they are lightweight, comfortable and of course very pleasing to look at. You can also find shoes that are perfect when your child is learning how to walk.

Vincent, exactly what the market needed

Thomas Elbaum and Patrick Österman are the founders of Vincent and the company was started in 1999. The idea actually came about when Thomas’s nephew Vincent was born in 1998. Thomas wanted to find the perfect pair of shoes for the precious little baby, but he could not find anything that he thought was both fun and functional. This is why he decided to partner up with his friend Patrick and together design the shoes that were missing. Today, Vincent is a popular brand around the world and you can find shoes suitable for any occasion and any type of weather.

Vincent - neoprene boots and functional sandals

There are many great shoes from Vincent that are worth taking a look at. They have functional sandals with velcro closures so that you or your kids can put them on and take them off quickly and easily. These are amazing sneakers made of Gore-Tex so that kids can run through puddles without having to worry about wet feet. Of course, if they want to spend a lot of time around water or in the rain, it is better to invest in a pair of wellies. Vincent has many fun options and also offers winter boots made of neoprene, which is a very flexible and comfortable material to wear. It will keep the feet warm all throughout the winter season.

Vincent shoes online on Footway

Pick out kids shoes for all different seasons online on Footway. We have a nice selection of shoes from Vincent and you can find all kinds of colours and patterns. Have a look around with your kids and see which ones they like the most or maybe purchase a pair for their next birthday or as a surprise gift. You can find everything from sandals and boots to sneakers and wellies. Everything you need to be prepared for the weather outside. Welcome to Footway, let’s start shopping!

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26 results
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