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Vlado shoes for urban people

Vlado is a footwear brand for those who are looking for unique and exciting styles and high-performance shoes. You can find everything from sneakers to boots and many other models with an urban touch. The brand strives to be different and stay away from ordinary trends and instead create new ones. They are using innovative materials and focus on developing new production techniques and design footwear for fashionable people. The shoes have been a big hit among Jerkin’ dancers and many other people around the world.

Set the trends with Vlado Footwear

Vlado Footwear is a family owned company founded in 2003 and their vision was very clear from the start. Their goal was to stay away from what’s ordinary and create exciting new styles. This is a brand that strives to be a trend-setter for fashionable urban people who want a young and cool look. They are constantly inspired by new environments and unexpected design and have become very successful over the years. You can find many different types of sneakers, as well as sandals in various colour combinations and patterns.

Wear your shoes from Vlado for many years to come

Sneakers are very versatile and you can match them with most outfits and wear them to most occasions. Vlado has all types of sneakers from high tops to low tops and sandals for warm, sunny days. Match the sneakers with a pair of jeans, shorts, a dress or even a suit, these well-designed sneakers will always look stylish and complete your outfit. You can wear them year after year and look just as trendy as the day you bought them. Sneakers are always right and will continue to have a special place in our shoe closets.

Shoes from Vlado Footwear online at Footway

Footway has a wide range of shoes from Vlado and many other brands. This is the store you need to visit if you are on the hunt for a new pair. Our online store is always open, so if you ever feel like shopping in the middle of the night you can always pop in and browse our selection. Should you have any questions at some point, you can give our customer service team a call or send them a quick email. They are happy to help you out. Also, feel free to leave a comment about your new shoes to let other customers know how you feel about them.

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