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Court shoes – the classic ladies' high heeled shoe

If you think of a woman wearing high heels, the chances are good that she will be wearing a pair of court shoes. The timeless classic can be seen everywhere from the business world to the silver screen. Court shoes are made for everyday use, to add elegance to workday wear and add grace to the daily grind. But that's not to say that court shoes cannot be equally fun for nights out and parties. We offer court shoes in many colours and materials. Choose an everyday black, a stylish navy or go for a brighter colour to wear at more festive occasions.

Caring for your court shoes

Court shoes are also known as pumps, and need good care taken of them to keep them in tip top condition. Although it is unlikely that you would wear your court shoes in muddy environments, there are always the occasional dashes from taxis to doors or along muddy pavements in the rain. Be sure to remove any mud or dirt as soon as possible to avoid it ruining the classy effect of your shoes. You can wipe most court shoes with a dry or damp cloth to get rid of the dirt. If you are likely to be outside in the rain you can use a waterproofing agent for extra protection.

Style tips for court shoes

Court shoes are the classic heeled shoe, which means that they are a supremely feminine article of footwear. You can use them to great effect with practically any outfit, to turn even the most staid or plain clothing into something sexy and graceful. Court shoes lend themselves well to be worn with skirts thanks to the lengthening effect of the heels on your legs. You can also wear a pair of court shoes with trousers, where it's a great chance to draw attention with a contrasting colour. Make sure that your trousers are not too long to avoid them catching under your heels and tearing.

Court shoes to buy online at Footway

Here at Footway, we offer more types of shoes than you could possibly count, and court shoes are no exception. Buy your new pair with fast delivery and very little waiting time. Our smooth shopping experience and user-friendly website ensure that you will come to prefer online shopping over the bricks and mortar kind. If you have any problems ordering your shoes, simply get in touch with us.

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440 results
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