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Kick the puddles in your new short wellies!

You will feel like a kid again the moment you dip your foot into this classic rain boot. Having made a fashion comeback for adults in recent years, short wellies rubber boots show off your inner child with this sturdy purpose built boot made in waterproof rubber. Offered in a great number of colours and patterns and in high gloss to matte finishes, these boots will let you have fun walking in the rain. Discover the fashion potential of these terrific boots offered in nearly 400 models from reputable brands such as Crocs, Duffy, Isle Jacobsen, Dr.Martens, and many others.

Getting the most out of your short wellies

These rubber and plastic boots are incredibly easy to maintain. Often by doing their job of staving off the rain your boots will get a free wash. In case they do get dirty or muddy, do not hesitate to scrub them gently with a brush to clean, lather and rinse them thoroughly. They will dry in a wink. Be careful when cleaning not to scratch the varnish. Some models may garner a white coating, which can be easily removed with a dedicated removal product. You’ll love how easy it is to care for your wellie rubber boots!

Show off your your personal style in your short wellies

These boots are perfect for outdoor fun in inclement weather. Fancy a walk in the misty morning with your partner or friend? Don your favourite pair of short wellies, best kept next to the door (where they won’t drag mud into the house), and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Perfect also for music festivals, out in the country or on the farm. They look great with leggings, tapered jeans and other tapered pants. They can also look great worn with high woolen socks or leg warmers. Explore your style with these utilitarian boot, made for enjoying the great outdoors. Try a bright colour wellie to counterpoint the gloomy weather.

Choose your favourite short wellies at Footway

Get out on the town or in the countryside with your rubber short wellies! You can wear them all year long to jump in puddles in the city or traverse the mud on a country lane. Wear them in the snow with thick socks to warm your feet. Waterproofed to keep you protected against the elements and easy to put on, they are perfect for children. Choose from nearly 400 pairs at Footway and receive your pair as soon as possible. We keep all advertised items in stock for fast shipping as soon as we receive your order.

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159 results
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