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adidas Originals shoes for women

The adidas brand is one of the most famous sports brands worldwide. Most people have already heard of this brand, especially if you are involved in the world of sports or if you are a fan of high quality sports shoes. Perhaps you even own a pair or two of adidas shoes and in that case there is no need for us to convince you further. If you have never worn adidas Originals shoes for women, then we highly recommend you try them out as a replacement for your old sports shoes. The women’s shoes made by this brand are incredibly comfortable and well-made. Whether you are walking the city streets or working out in the gym, they will see you through many days of comfortable wear.

The history of adidas Originals shoes for women

The history of the adidas brand, with its distinctive three stripe logo, is a particularly interesting one. The company that eventually became adidas was started in Germany by two enterprising brothers by the name of Dassler. They later went separate ways, each with his own separate company. For Rudolf, the company came to be called Puma, while Adolf took the two parts of his own name and created adidas. Thus the fates of the two companies are inextricably intertwined and although nowadays, adidas is accepted as the bigger company, there is still a friendly rivalry between the two.

How to style your adidas Originals shoes

As a woman, the market for sports shoes luckily has plenty to offer. Within the adidas Originals series there are heaps of wonderful choices for women. Whether you are planning to wear your new shoes every day or if they will be kept only for working out, you can find something that will fit well with your personal style and the outfit that you’re planning to wear. The stylish white models are the most famous ones within the adidas brand, but you can also find plenty of other colours and styles.

adidas Originals shoes for women - online at Footway

In the modern world, many women are short on spare time. With the family, career and other interests to juggle, there may not be time left to spend browsing the high street stores. Buying sports shoes online is a great way to save space in your busy schedule. You can browse the Footway range at any time of the day or night, and since we have such a wide range of adidas Originals shoes we are sure that you will find something you like.

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479 results
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